Daily Archives: May 8, 2017

Everyone has a favorite

Think hard.

Who’s your favorite person? I’ve asked myself the same question and have my answer.  I’ll wait while you come up with yours…

(5 mins later)

Is that your final answer?  I wonder why you chose them? Which of their qualities stood out?  The way this person has influenced you has caused them to win a seat of affection in your heart. The peculiar thing about the person you chose is that they are more than likely someone else’s favorite too… for the exact same reasons you listed. Consider the qualities that you admire most about those you are most impacted by.  Mirror those qualities in yourself.  Excel at it! Be intentional about it. You can do it!  You will soon become someone else’s most favored person…  Your circle of influence will grow and your opportunity to affect change will increase.

TL;DR – Become someone’s favorite person by treating others with the same love you’ve been influenced by. You will more than likely become a favorite to many.


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