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See, what had happened was…

Simplesteps is centered on building and keeping friendships and influencing people around you for good.  This particular post has been sitting in queue for some time but a timely comment from a friend of mine brought it to my attention this morning:

simple step #5 – Tell them of their good deeds

If a person has ever made a positive impact on you in some way, no matter how small, always make sure to let them know how you were affected by their influence in your life.  It’s even ok to let some time lapse before you tell them… it’s meaningful that you carry the memory.  Again, it’s a simple step, but the residual is immeasurable.  Pulling someone aside to let them know that they’ve helped you will instantly establish a thread of connection that will always be there.  Even the grumpiest of souls love to hear that they’ve helped others, especially when it was inadvertent!  This simple step inspires others to be even more helpful and has the power to unlock strengths that may have otherwise remained dormant.


TL;DR – Let people know when they’ve helped you specifically… it encourages them to be helpers in general.

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